5 Best Laptop Brands In The World

Laptops have replaced desktops PCs, because of its portability and performance. There are various models of laptops from different brands and these laptop brands dominating the PC market. It does not mean if you are purchasing a $1000 Gaming Laptop or $150 Chromebook, the Brand matters. There are also serval factors to hold like it’s functionality, Graphics, look, display, optimizations, and other specs.

We have created the best list according to that particular laptop brand’s Reviews, Innovation, Performance, Designs, Tech Support and Warranty, Product Sales. Let’s check out our list of Best Laptop Brands In The World:

Best Laptop Brands In The World

1- Dell

Dell is currently the #1 brand in the world for a reason. They have made some powerful laptops that do as long as possible. The spec combination and price are also more reliable than competitors. You can select different models as per your requirements. For office work or school work, for use of video editing software or hard gaming, there are so several variants as per your requirement. Dell has made some excellent PCs, particularly Ultrabooks that work exceptional, which have powerful specs and perform very well in intense tasks. Alienware series is impressive with its power-packed machines.

Dell gives a 1-year official warranty on their laptops and you can also increase it to 2 or 3 more years with some additional fees. Dell laptop’s hardware is great and in the case of repairability, it scores well. The premium customer service is excellent which solves every technical problem you have with your laptop. People’s review of them is also excellent.

So, Dell’s line up of laptop offers decent internal hardware, fabulous designs and look, lightweight. They are manufactured with premium material and they are stylish and portable. All of these analyses make Dell currently top brand in the laptop market in the world.

2- Lenovo

Lenovo gets #2nd place this previous year. With their high specification laptops in low-cost tags, Lenovo got five-star ratings on their products. Legion series, ThinkPad X1 Carbon, or Yoga 920 are some economical laptops loved by people.

These laptops earned most Editor’s choice awards across the world. Lenovo laptops are budget-friendly. They give value and purpose in a single package. Lenovo provides reliable hardware, software for their laptops. The keyboard and display quality is nice.

Some people reported that client service is not so good. Overall built quality, reliability, and long-term user rating are nice. Because of budget-friendly tags with high specs, Lenovo laptops are earning love. Also, it is giving competition to HP brand laptops.

3- HP

HP laptops have built the bar from 2017 in the laptop industry. Their current Chromebooks are quick, fast, powerful, and helpful for all types of consumers. It’s Spectre x360 surface laptop is really awesome and even gives Surface Book 2 a run for its cash. Recently they come up with new Omen laptops that are committed to Gaming. They also work well in Gaming and ideal in hardware and sound department.

HP hardware is more powerful than before and well worth it for cash. HP gives a 1-year official warranty with options for up to three years of a general warranty. Customer service is great and people have given good reviews about them. Because of great hardware and build a variety of laptops, HP is people’s favorite, which presents them as one of the top brand in the world.

4- Apple

Apple brand is currently not leading the PC market. Due to the lack of innovation in their laptops, they are behind some brands. People love Apple laptops because they are good and predictable!! Macbooks are popular because of their solid built-quality, great display, beautiful chassis, and thin bezels. Macbooks come with the best customer service and warranty. All MacBooks are costly than Windows laptops. But for the iOS operating system, build-quality, and excellent display Apple Lovers like it.

Macbooks are particularly useful for video rendering or editing software, photoshop work, web-surfing, etc. Their performance in day-to-day tasks is great. But you can not play high-level games on Macbook. They are not built for massive intense tasks. If you love to play gaming then Macbooks are not recommended.

This Big company is not focusing on innovation. They did nothing innovative from earlier past years and even designs are also the same. The comparable low specs with very high prices are a drawback of Apple laptops. Nowadays, The MacBook Pro line is at most reliable but if they refresh upcoming laptops, then Apple can lead the market.

5- Asus

Asus is also recognized as one of the best company in the PC industry. Asus gives innovative laptops like Zenbook, Vivobook series.The Asus brand is the leading competitor in Gaming Laptops. Republic of Gamers product is a great example of Asus high-end execution laptops. This Republic of Gamers provides top specifications with becoming the thinnest gaming laptop in the world!

Asus laptops come with various designs and a variety of colors, nice specifications, and all this at an affordable price. Consumer service of Asus is great and currently, there are over 22000 employees working to enhance the brand. For creativity, productivity, and entertainment, everyday tasks. Asus laptops are very good, because of their designs, variety, and affordable low prices, Asus is one of the best brands in the PC industry.

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